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Concrete Plant Accessories

Screw Conveyors
Tubular screw conveyors useful for extraction, batching and transport of cement, concrete, sludges and various aggregates in horizontal, inclined and vertical position (elevators). Ranges from 20-90 m3/hr with standard lengths from 4-10m.

Filters are specialized for dust exhaustion for powders produced by industrial process.

The main filtering applications are the following:
Dust exhaustion by electro-fan;
Dust exhaustion from pneumatic conveyance in pressure;
Dust exhaustion from pneumatic conveyance in vacuum

Butterfly valves

Slide valves
Intercepting valves
Intercepting valves With different configurations:
Butterfly valves;
Slide valves;
Pinch valves.

The supply of valves is completed with the relevant accessories:
Manual handle;
Pneumatic actuators;
Electro-valves and solenoid coils;
Limit switches;
Flexible connections.

Plant Automation with Fully Computerised Control System
Upgrading your existing batching plant and control system
Convert your "DRY TYPE" batching plant into "WET TYPE" batching plant
Eurotec ECS Window Based batching control system can be installed to replace your old control system
  Moisture measurement and control
By Hydronix UK

Hydro-Probe II
The Hydro-Probe II is the first microwave sensor to use digital measuring techniques, providing greater accuracy and range of measurement than any other sensor on the market and working with a wider range of materials than ever before. Physical dimensions remain the same for complete compatibility with the original Hydro-Probe.

Located normally in a control panel, the Hydro-View unit displays both the instantaneous and batch average moisture contents from any one of the Hydronix moisture sensors. The unit may be used as a stand alone system for display purposes or for upward interfacing with a batch controller to provide dynamic batch weight correction.

A simple keypad arrangement enables all internal operations to be configured for the application.

Available in both panel and wall mounting configurations.


Hydro-Control V
The Hydro-Control V with its powerful processing capabilities uses the latest digital technology of the Hydro-Mix VI microwave sensor to precisely control the addition of water in the mixer - irrespective of the moisture content of the aggregates.

Designed for simplicity of use and installation, the easy to read display clearly indicates the mix cycle status with a continuous graphic trace of the moisture content.

The Hydro-Control V now incorporates 3 operating modes making it the most versatile system on the market with different modes of control to suit all applications.

Hydro-Mix VI
The Hydro-Mix VI microwave moisture measurement sensor from Hydronix, employs the rugged and proven technology from the Hydro-Mix V. Additionally the moisture sensor now has an easily replaceable ceramic faceplate.

The Hydro-Mix VI moisture sensor achieves a greater accuracy over a wider moisture range than is possible with any other sensor.

Internal intelligence enables the sensor to be remotely configured and calibrated, this allows direct integration with any control system without the requirement of any other interface unit.
News Release


1MINI25 EPS plant in Papua New Guinea
Eurotec supplied a 1MINI25 EPS plant In Papua New Guinea for a commercial ready mix project..