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Planetary Pan Mixer – EPM
The Pan Mixer’s has performed optimum and unchallenged reliability with power and efficiency. It has a planetary action that guarantees batch homogeneity in the shortest possible time.

Twin Shaft Mixer – MB
Leading the market, the MB Twin Shaft Mixer has a long track record of its consistency and flexibility. It is specially designed to face challenge from zero slumps to stone size up to 150mm.

Continuous Mixer – MC
EuroTec Continuous Mixer ECM provides the solution for large output continuous concrete supply. This energy efficient mixer is recommended for use in road base construction, CTB, mortar supply as well as large capacity concrete supply for RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) dam projects. The ECM range of mixers can accommodate output capacities up to 400m3/hr even with concrete mix designs of zero slump and high proportion of large aggregates which can typically found in RCC dam and road base projects. The counter rotation of the twin shafts with a high number of paddles generates intense turbulence at the overlapping zone. The combines vertical and horizontal movement ensures complete disintegration of the cement and its thorough uniform mixing throughout the aggregates.
News Release


1MINI25 EPS plant in Papua New Guinea
Eurotec supplied a 1MINI25 EPS plant In Papua New Guinea for a commercial ready mix project..