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Concrete Industry Equipment

Cement Pump
If there is no bulk cement supply or shortage of bulk cement supply, you can use our cement pump to pump the bag cement to the silos.  We have 15 ton/hr and 18 ton/hr models available.

The silo is used for the receipt, storage and subsequent extraction of cement powder that is stored in it and comes complete with the following accessories:
a) Access ladder;
b) Roof, safety handrailing;
c) Silo walkway;
d) Lever indicator.

Panelled Type Silos
Our panelled type silos are easy to transport and can be assembled at the job site. Conventional silos also available.

Control Room
Operator control cabins are made in Italy and packed for easy shipping.  It can be assembled at the job site easily.
Control cabin after assembly at site
Containerised custom made water chillers and chilled water storage tanks are available
News Release


1MINI25 EPS plant in Papua New Guinea
Eurotec supplied a 1MINI25 EPS plant In Papua New Guinea for a commercial ready mix project..